Patient Recalls

Let’s break the numbers down; for a practice currently seeing

200Patients Per Month
280Average Spend Per Patient
20Increase in Patient Recall Rate
40Additional Patients Per Month

That’s an increased monthly revenue of $11,200

Guaranteed return on your investment

We guarantee you’ll see a big return on the cost of our Classic and Platinum packages simply by the likely success rates of telephone patient recalls.

Most optometry practices use automated SMSs, emails or mailed letters by post for client recalls. These are expensive and inefficient. According to an industry-wide survey conducted by Eye Talk Publication in 2014, the industry average recall success rate using these common methods is just 15 per cent – which rises to 35 per cent success rate when conducted over the phone. Our dedicated team of sales and customer service professionals will help improve your recall success rate by 20 per cent!

How many extra bookings could your practice handle?

Let’s break the numbers down: for a practice currently seeing 200 patients per month with an average spend per patient of $280, a 20 per cent increase in patient recall rate would mean 40 additional patients per month. That’s an increased monthly revenue of $11,200 – which more than covers the cost of our marketing packages.

After we mutually agree on your monthly target, our sales and customer service professionals login to your system, access your patient records and make bookings for you. We take your privacy very seriously, with the highest security protocol to ensure your data is safe and secure. We’re proud to represent your practice, helping to build rapport with your patients and make bookings simple.

Let us help take the hard work out of patient recalls while massively improving your rates of success and guaranteeing a robust return on your marketing investment. Can you afford to continue with patient recalls via SMS or email? Increase your recall success rate, see more patients, earn more income. Start today.

Our Customers Say…

I’m delighted to recommend eye2eye Media Group. As a new business owner, I was struggling to find the time to generate patient recall visits, and didn’t know where to start. eye2eye Media Group personally called my clients for recall visits and the results were nothing short of amazing. In just 3 days, they made 40 patient recall appointments for me! Fatin’s expertise made the whole process really simple. She was professional, approachable and always available when I needed information. Thank you Fatin, Ernest and your wonderful team for helping my business expand and so many of my clients continue to enjoy quality eye care.

Jack Yao - Owner, Brazionis Eye Care