Digital Signage

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h2″ font_color_type=”custom” punchline=”” font_color=”#d73a39″]Educate and entertain in your waiting room[/rt_heading]

Patients waiting in your reception area are a receptive audience – recent studies show that dynamic displays attract up to five times more notice than traditional signs, posters, or brochures, with patients far more likely to inquiry or make an additional purchase after seeing an item or service featured on screen. Engaging and relevant digital signage also shortens perceived wait times for patients.


Our waiting room screens and media players educate and entertain your patients while they wait. Classic and Platinum packages include a quality 40-inch screen installed in your waiting room and networked into our system.

[rt_heading style=”style-1″ size=”h2″ font_color_type=”custom” punchline=”” font_color=”#d73a39″]Getting started is easy[/rt_heading]

Simply nominate your preferred suppliers and we’ll create a video loop from a wide selection of their products. Messages are updated quarterly, introducing new products and promotions. Content runs on a six-minute cycle in line with average waiting times so your patients will likely see all screen content, without repetitions.

We work with industry leading advertising partners to develop education eye care information and advertising. We will also create practice-specific messaging to support your promotions and business objectives – at no extra cost.