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With staff to manage, patients to service, and the thousand other things involved in running a busy optometry practice, it’s easy to let marketing take a back seat. You are busy. Marketing seems overly complicated, with little measurable return.

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Outsource your optometry marketing

But marketing is crucial to the long-term success of your practice – not only for attracting new patients but also in retaining your existing ones. Digital marketing is the single most effective way to reach a large target market of prospects and clients and bring them into your practice. Social media marketing powerfully amplifies the value of word-of-mouth recommendations. Personal recalls from a dedicated customer service professional takes the hard work out of reengaging your patients.

We make it easy to run your practice by taking marketing off your hands. Consider us your optical marketing department so that you can focus on what you do best.

Optometry marketing with eye2eye Media Group

eye2eye Media Group helps more than 500 independent optometry practices across Australia and New Zealand to attract new prospects and better retain and service existing patients. Established in 2010 by Optometrist Ernest Tobia and Marketer/Practice Owner Fatin Tobia-Macri, eye2eye Media Group started with advertising screens in waiting rooms, informing patients on eye health and the latest technologies on eye care.

In 2016, we rolled out a complete marketing system that encompasses waiting room screens, telephone recalls, social media marketing, email marketing, in-store promotional posters and one-to-one business coaching with optometry marketing experts.

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Our goal is simple – to be your outsourced optometry marketing department, proving our value through higher client retention, increased new patient rates and improved efficiency and effectiveness of your communications.

Our Team

Ernest Tobia
Fatin Tobia
General Manager
Aden Levin
Digital Marketing Manager
Joyline Abdallah
Office Manager
Simonette Zucker
Customer Service Manager
Nicole Forbes
Recall Team Manager
Kimberley Teigan
Recall Specialist
Amanda Tassone
Recall Specialist
Lynette Crowley
Recall Specialist
Nishu Singh
Recall Specialist